Our Mission

The Climate Partnership is an alliance of businesses, charities, and community groups working together to achieve a sustainable future for Windsor and Maidenhead.

We are a pioneering, independent Community Interest Company established in 2020 to kickstart new projects and actions that can help with the delivery of climate and biodiversity targets set out in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead’s environment and climate strategy.

These projects include tackling climate change alongside action to restore biodiversity and improve health and wellbeing.

We aim to bring together industry stakeholders, technical experts, and others across the public, private, community, faith, education, and academic sectors who share the common goal of creating a sustainable, healthy, and thriving borough.

This ground-breaking approach aims to create a leading example of how local authorities can enable stakeholder leadership and community accountability to achieve ambitious climate, biodiversity, and wellbeing targets.

Climate Partnership Chair Cllr Karen Davies (RBWM)

Our Overall Vision

Our vision is for everyone in the borough to benefit from cleaner air and water. Water will be better managed and energy will be affordable, cleaner and renewable.

We will see greater biodiversity throughout the borough and our population will be healthier and happier – particularly the most vulnerable and young people.

Our Partners

The Climate Partnership focuses on delivering innovative projects to catalyse and demonstrate what can be done, so we are working very closely with these partners who are designing and delivering projects: