How We Work

Find out more about The Climate Partnership
and how we aim to achieve our main mission

Our board

The Climate Partnership is governed by a Board, made up of representatives from key local stakeholders including community groups, local businesses and the RBWM which sets priorities for The Climate Partnership’s work.

It is led by Barnaby Briggs, who has extensive experience in the conservation, energy, and charity sectors, and who was last year appointed by the Partnership’s Board as Executive Director of The Climate Partnership.

Also on the Board are Cllr Simon Werner, Leader of Council, Cllr Karen Davies, RBWM Cabinet Member for Climate, Biodiversity and Windsor Town Council, Chris Joyce RWBM, Simon Wilkes, Graham Owens and Donna Stimson.

The Climate Partnership works with the EcoAction RBWM Hub in the Nicholson Centre. Peter Gibb of Gardeners’ Question time cuts the ribbon with left to right Barnaby Briggs, Dave Scarborough, Graham Owens and James Thorpe RBWM.

How will we operate?

The Climate Partnership will be advised by a new Strategic Advisory Panel that represents the business sectors and community groups of the Borough. This unique structure and mission allows it to operate as a convening, entrepreneurial, community interest company. In our work we will:

Focus on projects with clear outcomes which ideally address multiple target issues

Regularly engaging the community to raise awareness of CP initiatives and gather feedback and input

Evidence–based targets and rigorous performance tracking

Willing to fail fast, constantly learn and seek to improve

Lean suite of expert staff to support work of the partnership

Committed to transparency and openness

Apolitical board designed to deliver on ambitious targets

Advised by a Strategic Advisory Panel which represents the business sectors and community groups of the Borough

The Strategic Advisory Panel

The Climate Partnership is seeking key stakeholders from Windsor and Maidenhead to join a new Strategic Advisory Panel to help steer the next phase of its work.

The Strategic Advisory Panel will be responsible for providing strategic advice, guidance, and resources to support the Partnership’s work and projects.

It will be made up of a select group of industry stakeholders, technical experts, and resource holders in the borough. If you are interested in becoming a stakeholder, please contact us for further information.

Joining the Strategic Advisory Panel gives members the opportunity to:

Play a key role in steering and shaping The Climate Partnership’s work

Take a leadership role in delivering the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead’s climate and environmental strategy

Work closely with key stakeholders from across the borough including the local authority, leading businesses, community groups, and resource holders

Demonstrate their commitment creating social value in the communities in which they work